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Enrolling in Autopay as a Client

Once the AutoPay feature has been enabled for your firm, your clients will individually need to enroll in it to get started with automatic payments. There are two different ways to do so, and we’ll walk you through both of them below.

Enroll from Client Portal

The first way to enroll in AutoPay is from the Client Portal. Once a client has been invited to the Client Portal, you can send them a link, which you can find by following these steps. Go to a selected project and to the CLIENT tab. Then, go to the PORTAL SETTINGS sub-tab. You’ll see a link that says LINK TO PORTAL. Clicking on this link will take you to the client portal.  You can now copy that link and share it with your clients. You’ll need to share this link with them because otherwise they won’t have access to the portal. You’ll also need to invite your client(s) to the portal first before they can access it.


In the client portal, scroll down to the bottom and look to the lower right corner. Your clients will see a box prompting them to enroll in AutoPay, with a blue button that says GET STARTED.

After clicking this button, they’ll then be prompted to choose a payment method to enroll in AutoPay. 

Enroll from Payment Link

The second way to enroll in AutoPay is by doing so directly from a payment link. When a client follows the link to make a specific payment, they’ll see a checkbox labeled SAVE PAYMENT INFORMATION AND ENROLL IN AUTOPAY. Checking this box will enroll the user in AutoPay for all future invoices for the selected project they’re making the current payment on. Once a client has checked this box and filled out all other details, they can click SUBMIT PAYMENT to send that specific payment and enroll in AutoPay for future payments. 

Once enrolled in AutoPay, your client will receive an automatic email inviting them to access the client portal. If they are not a current client portal user, they will only have access to the page where they can cancel autopay or update their saved payment method.


Enroll from Main Client Portal Page

Your clients can also enroll in autopay from the main Client Portal landing page. At the bottom right corner of the landing page, they’ll see a section suggesting enrollment in autopay, with a button labeled GET STARTED.

Clicking this button will prompt them to enroll a payment method in autopay.

When they click the ENROLL THIS PAYMENT METHOD INTO AUTOPAY button, they’ll next be prompted to select a payment method in a pop-up window.

After selecting the payment method or adding a new payment method for autopay, that payment method will then be enrolled in autopay. Any future payments made with that method will be now paid automatically.

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