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Downloading Invoices and Receipts in the Client Portal

BigTime’s Client Portal keeps a record of your company’s invoices and payment receipts, both of which you can download as PDFs for future reference. There are two ways to download invoices within the Client Portal. The first is by going to the DASHBOARD tab. All of the invoices you’ve paid or need to pay will be listed here with their invoice numbers hyperlinked. When you click on one of these hyperlinked numbers, the invoice will automatically download as a PDF to your computer. 

The second way to download an invoice is to go to the INVOICES tab. Your invoice numbers will also be listed here, and just like before, clicking one of these numbers will download that corresponding invoice PDF.

Once you’ve paid for an invoice, you’ll receive email confirmation of the payment along with a receipt for that payment. It’s also possible to retrieve a payment receipt for a specific invoice within the Client Portal. After an invoice has been marked as PAID in the CURRENT STATUS column in your INVOICES tab, BigTime will create a receipt for that payment and store it in the Client Portal under the PAID DATE column. 

Clicking the RECEIPT icon under this column will download the corresponding invoice payment receipt to your computer in PDF format.

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