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Activate Autopay

If your clients use BigTime Wallet to make invoice payments, they’ll have the option to enroll in automatic payments to simplify their financial transactions. The AutoPay feature can help you better predict your future cash flow and plan ahead while delivering a smooth client experience. In this article, we’ll talk about how you can activate AutoPay, and how your clients can enroll in AutoPay.

Activating AutoPay

Once you’ve been set up with BigTime Wallet, you can enable AutoPay for your clients by first going to MY COMPANY…MY COMPANY from your main navigation bar. 

Then, go to the ACTIVE FEATURES tab.

You’ll see a gray toggle button labeled PAYMENTS: AUTOPAY. In order to toggle this switch to ON, you’ll need to first contact a support person, who will be able to set up this option for you. After you’ve spoken with a support person, you’ll be able to toggle this switch to ON. Once you have, click the blue SAVE button. Your clients will now be able to enroll in AutoPay to pay their invoices. 

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