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How To Display or Hide Invoices in the Client Portal

With BigTime, you’ll have the opportunity to adopt the BigTime Wallet feature to handle all your invoicing, billing and payments within BigTime’s platform. Once you’ve set your firm up with BigTime Wallet, you will be able to invite your clients to a portal where they can view and manage their invoices, as well as make payments on bills you send them. You can configure your Client Portal settings on a project-by-project basis, and can select which invoices clients will be able to see in the portal. If you have incomplete or in-progress invoices you don’t want your clients to see yet, you have the option to hide those invoices from your client’s view in the Client Portal. To do so, follow the steps below.

How to Hide or Display Invoices in the Client Portal

1. To display or hide certain invoices from your clients’ portal view, you’ll first need to open the project those invoices are associated with. From your main navigation bar, click the MY COMPANY tab, and then click PROJECT LIST.

2. Now, open the project your invoices were created for. Go to the CLIENT tab for that project, and then click the PORTAL SETTINGS sub-tab. This is where you’ll be able to configure what your clients can see once invited to the Client Portal.

3. At the top of this screen, you’ll see some toggle switches which will allow you to turn certain Client Portal features on and off. Make sure the toggle switch next to INVOICES is turned ON. Below INVOICES, you’ll see two invoice visibility options: ALL VISIBLE, and SELECTED VISIBILITY. Click on the bubble next to SELECTED VISIBILITY

Remember to save this selection by clicking the blue SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom left corner of your screen.

4. Now, you’ll be able to select which invoices to display in the Client Portal. To make your selections, you’ll next need to click on the THREE DOTS tab on your project dashboard, and then click BILLING HISTORY.

5. Here, you’ll see a list of all the invoices created for that project. Because you chose SELECTED VISIBILITY in your PORTAL SETTINGS, any invoices that you check off under the CLIENT PORTAL column will appear in the portal. Any invoices left unchecked will be hidden from the portal until you elect to display them to your clients. In the example below, we’re choosing to only display invoices that have been posted, and are hiding any invoices that are pending or unposted from the Client Portal.

6. Finally, click SAVE CHANGES to save your invoice selections. The Client Portal view will immediately update to only show the invoices you chose

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