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Project and Staff Lists in BigTime Mobile

BigTime Mobile gives you and your staffers the ability to manage timesheets, expense records and timers all from your mobile phone. Depending on your level of access and user rights in BigTime, you can also view lists of all your projects and staffers in BigTime Mobile. From here, you can enter timesheets for multiple different projects and view details for any staffer in your firm. Below, we’ll take you on a tour of both the project list and the staffer list in BigTime Mobile so you can understand what they both may be used for.

First, make sure you are on the right screen to view these lists. From the navigation bar on the bottom of your screen, tap the FOLDER icon to be taken to the LISTS screen.

You’ll see a new screen with two tabs: PROJECTS and STAFF.

get to lists (1) (1).gif

Project List

To view all the projects your firm is working on, tab the PROJECT tab. You’ll see a list of all your active projects, organized by client. Tap on any given project to open its details. You’ll see the project’s start date, due date, status and other fields.

RPReplay_Final1708014345 (1) (1) (1).gif

You’ll also see a blue button at the bottom of this screen labeled ADD TIMESHEET. Tapping this button will allow you to begin entering a new timesheet for your selected project. You will be taken to the same modal you’ll see when entering time from the TIME screen, as outlined in this article.

add timesheet from project (1).gif

Staff List

To get to your staff list, tap the STAFF tab. You’ll be redirected to a screen with a list of all your firm’s staffers, organized alphabetically. A search bar at the top of the screen will allow you to filter for specific staffers by name.

Tap on any given staffer’s name to see their profile details. You’ll be redirected to a screen where you can see details like their email address and status

view staffer (1).gif

Note: As mentioned above, your level of access to these lists and the information you see on staffer/project profiles depends on the staff and project access permissions you’ve been granted in BigTime’s user rights settings. If you don’t have the appropriate permissions to view all projects or staffers, you’ll receive a message when trying to access these lists letting you know your access is restricted.

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