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Using Timers in BigTime Mobile

In BigTime for desktop, you can set timers to track your work on tasks or projects accurately and in real time. You can also do this in BigTime Mobile if you need to set a timer on-the-go. The workflow for doing so is simple, but differs from the one you follow on desktop. This article will walk you through how to set timers in the BigTime Mobile app.

When you first open BigTime Mobile, you will by default be directed to the app’s home screen, which is where the timer function lives. If you haven’t started a timer yet, you’ll see the timer set to 00:00:00. Below the timer you’ll also see a button labeled START.

Tapping the START button will begin your timer. Once your timer has begun, you’ll see a PAUSE button appear below. You can tap this at any time to pause your timer and save the time recorded.

start and pause (1).gif

After pausing a timer, you’ll see your timer stop and a new FINISH button appear. If you’d like to apply your timer record to a new timesheet, tap FINISH. You'll be redirected to the timesheet entry modal, where you can fill out details about the time entry associated with your timer. Tap SAVE once you've filled out the required details, and you'll be taken back to the main TIMERS screen, which will display a message confirming your timesheet has been saved. Saving will take you to the TIME screen. If you came from the home screen, then saving the timesheet will take you back there. If you started on EXPENSES, it will take you back to the expenses screen.

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