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Entering and Submitting Expenses with BigTime Mobile

BigTime Mobile makes it possible to record expenses as they’re incurred from your phone, making it a great solution for professionals on-the-go. You can view the total amount of both your submitted and unsubmitted expenses, as well as record new expenses, from the EXPENSES window. To get there, tap the RECEIPT icon in your lower navigation bar. If you haven’t yet submitted any expenses, you’ll see a CREATE NEW EXPENSE button in the middle of the screen.

RPReplay_Final1708030699 (1).gif

Tapping this button will navigate you to a modal where you can fill out details about your new expense. You can add details such as:

  • The date your expense was incurred,
  • The project it was incurred for,
  • The expense type,
  • The applicable task,
  • The expense amount, 
  • The credit card used to pay for the expense, and
  • Any notes you’d like to add about your expense.

You can also attach a receipt for the expense, or mark it as non-reimbursable and/or non-billable by tapping the TOGGLE SWITCH next to those two fields. The required fields will be marked with a RED ASTERISK – if these fields are not completed, you won’t be able to submit the expense.

Once you’ve filled out these fields, you can tap the SAVE button in the top right corner to add the expense. 

fill out and save expense.gif

You can also tap the DELETE button at the bottom left corner of the expense entry modal to delete that expense. Deleting an expense is a permanent action – if you’d like to add the expense again, you’ll need to do so from scratch. 

Delete expense.gif

Once your expense has been successfully added, you’ll see it appear in a list on the main EXPENSES screen. To submit another expense, you’ll now need to tap the PLUS SIGN in the top right corner of your screen, which will take you to the same modal above. You can also use the PLUS SIGN icon in the bottom navigation to do this as well.

From this list, you can submit expenses for review by tapping the SUBMIT button in the upper right corner. The previously unsubmitted expense(s) will now be added to your manager’s pending approvals pool. If they decide to reject an expense, you’ll receive a notification in the app that you’ll need to fix any errors and resubmit the expense.

submit expenses.gif

As mentioned above, you can attach receipts or credit cards to an expense you plan to submit. The articles below explain how to accomplish both actions:

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