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User Rights: Staff Access

For every security group you create in BigTime, you’ll have the ability to add or remove certain user rights that control what members of that security group can do. To edit or add security group user rights, first go to MY COMPANY…USER RIGHTS from your main navigation bar. Then, either create a new security group or click on a pre-existing security group. You’ll see a list of all the user right categories, which you can click on to expand and see each individual user right grouped within that category. One of these categories is labeled STAFF ACCESS. In this article, we’ll define each user right in this category, and explain what aspects of the BigTime user experience they each control.

View/Manage Any Staff Member

Usually, only people with management rights over certain staffers will be able to view and edit the information about those staffers. However, you can turn this user right on if you want members of a security group to be able to view and manage info about any of your staffers, even if they don't directly manage those staffers.

Allow User To Add Staff

If you want your security group members to have the ability to add new staffers to your firm's BigTime staff list, turning on this particular user right will grant them permission to do so.

Allow User To Delete Staff Members

Activating this user right will allow members of your security group to delete staff members from your staff list. Keep in mind that deleting a staffer is a permanent action, and will erase all their information from your system. If you’d like to only temporarily remove a staffer from your BigTime staff list, you can opt to make them inactive instead.

View Staff List Menu

All the staffers in your system are organized in a staff list, which you can normally access by going to MY COMPANY…STAFF LIST from your main navigation menu. If, for some reason, you don’t want certain staffers to be able to view your staff list, you can turn this user permission off to hide the STAFF LIST option from the navigation menu.

View Staff Rate/Cost Information

BigTime makes it possible for admins or managers to assign cost rates to each staffer, which can help when creating profitability reports. However, this information is potentially sensitive, and you may want to hide it from your staffers' view. Turning this user right on or off will control whether security group members can see cost rates in reports and elsewhere.

Personal Data Access

For each staffer, there’s an option to add a home address, emails, phone numbers and other personal information. Since this info is also sensitive, you have the option to control who can see it by toggling this user right on or off. If you want to additionally grant security group members the ability to edit that data, make sure you have the “View/Manage Any Staff Member” user right also turned on.

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