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User Rights: Skills

For every security group you create in BigTime, you’ll have the ability to add or remove certain user rights that control what members of that security group can do. To edit or add security group user rights, first go to MY COMPANY…USER RIGHTS from your main navigation bar. Then, either create a new security group or click on a pre-existing security group. You’ll see a list of all the user right categories, which you can click on to expand and see each individual user right grouped within that category. One of these categories is labeled SKILLS. This category is broken down into two sub-sections: SKILL LIST and STAFF SKILLS. In this article, we’ll define each user right in these categories, and explain what aspects of the BigTime user experience they each control.

Skill List

Skills can be managed in two locations: the Skill List, and the Skills section of a staffer's profile. Below, we'll walk through the user rights that apply to the Skill List.

View Skill List

In BigTime, you can add skills and assign them to your staffers. Some examples of BigTime skills could be "software design", "project management", or "Spanish fluency". All of the skills you create in your firm will be arranged in a list that you can access by going to MY COMPANY…SKILLS. If you want staffers to be able to view the Skill List, you can activate this user right for their security group. Turning this user right off will remove the SKILLS option from the main navigation bar.

Manage Skill List

Turning the “View Skill List” user right on will allow staffers to see the skill list, but they won’t be able to make changes to that list unless you additionally turn this user right on. Activating this user right will allow security group members to create, edit or import new skills to the Skill List.

Allow User To Delete Skills

Sometimes, a skill may no longer be relevant for your firm, or the staffers who once held that skill are no longer part of your staff. If that’s the case, it’s possible to delete a skill from your Skill List. If you’d like to grant a security group the ability to delete skills, turn this user right on.


Staff Skills

If you want to give users the ability to view and control skills from a staffer's profile, here are the user right's you may need to activate.

View Staff Skills

BigTime's Skills feature makes it possible to create certain skills and assign them to staffers who possess those skills, which can help with resource allocation efforts. Managers in BigTime may want the ability to view skills that have been assigned to staffers they manage. In that case, you’ll want to turn this user right on for the security group your managers are members of.

Manage Staff Skills

The user right above will grant access to staffer skills, but if you want to give managers the ability to add or edit a staffer’s skills, you’ll need to grant them this additional user right. Turning this user right on will give members of a security group the ability to manage skills that have been assigned to staffers they manage.

Allow User To Remove Staff Skills

Sometimes, a staffer may no longer possess a skill that was previously assigned to them. This could be because the skill required a certification that a staffer didn’t renew, among other reasons. In that case, it may be wise to delete that skill from their profile. To grant members of a security group the ability to remove skills from a staffer’s profile, you’ll need to turn this user right on.

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