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Getting Started with BigTime Mobile: Beta Version

As part of a professional services team, you and your staffers juggle many tasks and client relationships at once. This means there may be situations where you need to track time or expenses as they’re incurred, but you're in the field away from your computer. For these kinds of circumstances we've created a solution to help. Introducing BigTime Mobile: On the Go, an iPhone/Android companion app for those who want a pocket-sized tool to set up timers, track timesheets, and enter expenses. While the BigTime website has been optimized for use on your mobile device, advanced capabilities like offline entry and integration with the contact list and email features of your phone are exclusive to the BigTime Mobile experience. These and other unique BigTime Mobile features help you and your staffers work more efficiently, quickly and productively.

To get started with BigTime Mobile, search for the app by name in your phone’s app store. Once you’ve downloaded the app and opened it, you’ll be prompted to log in. Your login credentials here will be the same ones you use to access BigTime on desktop.

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After entering your credentials, click the SIGN IN button. Now you can start using BigTime Mobile.


At the bottom of your BigTime Mobile view, you’ll see a navigation bar with a few different options. Below, we’ll introduce you to each of these options.


The TIME screen, represented by a CLOCK icon, is where you can log time entries towards tasks and projects. This article will go into more detail about this screen and how you can use it.


The EXPENSES screen, represented by a PAGE icon, is where you’ll be able to log any expenses spent for projects. Read this article to learn about this screen and how you can use it.


The LISTS screen, represented by a FOLDER icon, is where you can view lists of your firm’s projects and staffers. In order to see these lists, you’ll need to have certain staff and project level permissions, which are configurable in the BigTime core. To learn more about how to use the LISTS view, read this article.

Now that you understand some basic navigation within BigTime Mobile, you can take a look at some of the articles below to get more familiar with the app and its functionalities.

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