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Action Items in BigTime Mobile

In BigTime Mobile, you’ll encounter something we refer to as “action items”. Action items serve as reminders of any tasks related to your timesheets or expenses that need to be completed, such as submitting an unsubmitted timesheet or fixing any errors made on a rejected expense. You can see a list of action items under the timer on the main HOME screen.


Your action items are displayed in a weekly format. Rejected timesheets/expenses will be displayed in red, whereas timesheets/expenses yet to be submitted are shown in gray.

To resubmit a rejected timesheet or expense, simply tap on the red action item for either your timesheets or expenses. You can then choose which rejected timesheet/expense from the list you’d like to resubmit. Tapping on the timesheet/expense of your choice will open the modal where you can fix details about that timesheet/expense and resubmit it for review. If all your action items have been completed, you’ll see a blank list and a notification at the bottom of your screen letting you know you have no current action items.

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