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How To View Invoice Statuses in the Client Portal

In the Client Portal, you can see which of your invoices have been paid, still need to be paid, or are overdue for payment. You can also filter your invoice list to display only invoices with a specific status. To view the status of your invoices, first log into your Client Portal. Then, navigate to the INVOICES tab.

Here, you’ll see a list of all your invoices. In the CURRENT STATUS column, you can see the payment status of your invoice.


If an invoice is labeled PAID in gray, that means that the invoice has already been paid for. You can view the payment type that was used to pay the invoice in the PAYMENT TYPE column. You can also download a PDF copy of the invoice receipt by clicking the RECEIPT icon in the PAID DATE column.

The green OPEN label indicated that an invoice hasn’t yet been paid for. Invoices that are labeled PAST DUE in red are overdue for a payment according to their due date. You can make payments for both of these types of invoices by clicking the PAY NOW button in their PAID DATE column.

To the right side of your invoice list, you’ll see a sidebar with more information about the overall status of your invoices. Here, you can see the total number of unpaid and overdue invoices. You can also see the total balance pulled from all the invoices you still have to pay. Finally, you’ll be able to quickly see the date and amount of your most recent invoice payment. 

This window will by default show you all your invoices regardless of their status, but if you need to, you can filter your invoice list to only display invoices with certain statuses. To do this, find the field in the top left corner of your window labeled ALL INVOICES. Click the GRAY ARROW in this field to see a picklist with all your invoice status types. 

Select a status type and see your window automatically refresh to show only invoices with that specific status. In the example below, we chose PAST DUE INVOICES. Now we only see overdue invoices in our invoice list.

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