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FAQ: Using BigTime Wallet

  • I need to change my BigTime Wallet account information. How do I do that?

If you have any questions about changing or updating your BigTime Wallet account information, reach out to BigTime's customer support team by emailing

  • What types of payments does BigTime Wallet accept?

BigTime partners with BlueSnap to run BigTime Wallet. This makes it possible for BigTime Wallet to accept credit cards and bank transfers (ACH) as methods of payment. BigTime accepts the following credit card types: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

  • How long do I have to wait before a payment is deposited into my account? 

If your client makes a payment using bank transfer, you will need to wait three to five business days before that payment shows up in your account. If you want bank transfers to process faster, you can enroll in our expedited plan to have them deposited the next day. Otherwise, all credit card payments will take between two and three business days to deposit.

  • Can I control the method my client uses to make a payment?

Yes. When you create an invoice for a client, you have the ability to select the type of payment that is required on that invoice.

  • How can I send my client the link to make a payment?

There are multiple ways to send a payment link to your client. The first method is to check the online payment method option on an invoice and email it to your client. To do this, click the ENVELOPE icon on your draft invoice page.

A new window will open where you can add info about the invoice you plan to email. Check the box next to ALLOW USERS TO VIEW/PAY THIS INVOICE ONLINE. This will send your client the invoice and a link to make a payment.

Once you email the invoice to your client they will also see a PAY INVOICE button on the invoice PDF.

The second way to send your client a payment link is by copying the payment link from your invoice and sending it to a client yourself. Scroll to the bottom of the right-hand toolbar on your invoice and click GET PAYMENT LINK.

This will open a window where you’ll see the payment link for that invoice. You can click COPY LINK and then send the link to your client via chat, email, text, or whatever communication method you prefer.

  • Some of my clients are located outside of the United States. Can those clients make payments with BigTime Wallet?

Yes, depending on the method of payment they use. BigTime Wallet can accept payments from clients outside the U.S. so long as they use a credit card as the method of payment. However, bank transfer payments cannot be made internationally.

  • Is BigTime Wallet PCI compliant?

Yes, BigTime Wallet follows all PCI compliance standards.

  • Does my firm need to be integrated with QuickBooks to use BigTime Wallet?

No, you can use BigTime Wallet if you aren’t set up with QuickBooks integration.

  • If I am integrated with QuickBooks, how do payments from BigTime Wallet get logged in my QuickBooks file?

So long as your invoice has already been posted to QuickBooks, your payments will be able to travel from the payment portal to QuickBooks right away. If you're using QuickBooks Online, those payments will be posted immediately, but if you're using QuickBooks Desktop you will need to run the Sync Agent in order to post the payment.

Once it's deposited, QuickBooks will create four journal entries for that payment. Two of those journal entries will be credit entries, one recording the deposit amount and one recording the associated transaction fees. The other two entries will be debit entries, one of which will debit your bank account for the deposit amount, and the other one recording those associated transaction fees. To learn more about journal entries with payments in QuickBooks, look at this article.

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