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Make a Payment With BigTime Wallet

You’ve used BigTime Wallet to send a payment to your client. What does your client see? How does your client make a payment? How does the process work?

We’ll answer all of these questions in this article. We’ll take your clients’ point of view and see what it’s like to receive a payment from BigTime and make the payment. 

Get an Email

Say you checked the box to ALLOW USERS TO VIEW/PAY THIS INVOICE ONLINE when you emailed the invoice to your client.


They’ll get an email with the invoice and a link to make the payment. The body of the email will look like this.

The invoice design matches whatever you have in your email settings (Invoicing...Configure and select Email Settings).

From here, your client can click the PAY INVOICE button or the hyperlink, ONLINE PAYMENT LINK. Both will direct them through the payment making process.

Make a Payment

The Payment Portal looks like this. Let’s go through some of the major points about this feature.

  • Choose a payment type: ACH or Credit Card. Both payment options appear in the Payment Portal because we selected both options when we created the payment link in BigTime.
  • Manually change the payment amount. Currently, the payment amount is $1,220.00. But if the client only wants to pay $1,000, then they can type the amount they want to pay.
  • View the invoice PDF by clicking the respective button, located in the small square box.
  • Submit the payment by clicking the respective button.

If the payment has been paid in full, then the customer will see the results of their payment in the portal, with the option to download the receipt and/or the invoice. The receipt includes the invoice number.

If you’re a system admin, then you’ll get a notification that an invoice has been paid in your BigTime inbox.


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