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User Rights: Time and Expense

For every security group you create in BigTime, you’ll have the ability to add or remove certain user rights that control what members of that security group can do. To edit or add security group user rights, first go to MY COMPANY…USER RIGHTS from your main navigation bar. Then, either create a new security group or click on a pre-existing security group. You’ll see a list of all the user right categories, which you can click on to expand and see each individual user right grouped within that category. One of these categories is labeled TIME AND EXPENSE. In this article, we’ll define each user right in this category, and explain what aspects of the BigTime user experience they each control.

Log Time/Expenses Against Any Project

When staffers are added to BigTime, they will by default only be able to log time or expenses on projects they are assigned to. However, if you add them to a security group that has this user right turned on, then members of that security group will be able to log time and expense entries for all of your firm's active projects – not just the ones they've been assigned to.

Enter + Submit Time or Expenses For Your Users

Some of your BigTime staffers may hold roles that give them management authority over other staffers. You may want to give your management staffers the ability to enter time or expenses for staffers they directly supervise, and in that case you’ll want to have this user right turned on. Unless you turn this user right on, members of your security group will only be able to log their own time and expenses.

Allow User To Edit Submitted Time

This user right controls whether your staffers are able to edit time and expenses after they’ve been submitted. When you turn this on, you’ll see two sub-permissions that allow you to further configure this type of permission: Edit Input Hours and Edit Billable Hours.

You can turn both of these user rights on if you want staffers to have full ability to edit time entries regardless of the types of hours they log. If, however, you want staffers to only be able to edit their input hours, you can leave this user right on and turn off the Edit Billable Hours user right. On the other hand, you can turn the Edit Billable Hours user right on and turn Edit Input Hours off if you want staffers to only be able to edit their submitted billable hours.

Allow User To Log Vendor Expenses

If you've elected to enable vendor expense entry for your firm, you can control which staffers are able to log vendor expenses by turning the user right on or off. To learn more about vendor expense entry, take a look at this article.

Allow User To Edit Approved or Rejected Time/Expenses

Once timesheets or expenses have been submitted, they will either be approved or rejected by a system admin or a staffer with review/approval permissions. Usually, staffers won't be able to edit time or expense entries after they've been either rejected or approved unless this user permission has been turned on. With this user right, staffers will be able to make edits to timesheets or expenses even after they’ve been approved or rejected.

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