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Add a Vendor Expense and Submit It

You’re building a website and you’ll need photography for it. So you add $8,000 into the budget for photographs from Getty Images. The costs incurred will be added and submitted as a vendor expense. This article will walk you through the process.

NOTE: This article assumes that you’re up and running with vendor expenses in your BigTime environment.

Add a Vendor Expense

1. Click TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES from your navigation bar.


3. Click on the white triangle next to ADD EXPENSE and select ADD VENDOR EXPENSE.
NOTE: You may need to click on the CLOSE hyperlink near the top-right of your window in order to see the Add Expense option.

4. Add expense details. A vendor expense looks much like a reimbursable one, except for these two fields: reference number and vendor. 

You can add a reference number by typing into the text box. You can also select the vendor, which comes directly from your QuickBooks file, by clicking on the red triangle under the VENDOR heading.


5. Click SAVE to save your work.


Submit a Vendor Expense

Vendor expenses will go through the same approval process as a regular expense. You can submit vendor expenses along with your other expenses. 

1. Click the hyperlink UNSUBMITTED EXPENSES on your My Expenses window.

2. Click on the hyperlink, CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT THESE EXPENSES, at the end of your window.

3. Enter the name of your expense report and click SUBMIT EXPENSES.

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