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FAQ: Vendor Bills

This article contains commonly asked questions about Vendor Bills for Time.

  • How do I determine which staffers post to QuickBooks as a bill?

    Go to the Staff Dashboard for a particular staffer (MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST and select a staffer’s name).

    Then, select the staffer’s name from the picklist under Vendor and check the box next to POST TIME AS BILL


  • Does a staffer do anything differently in order to create a vendor bill?

    Nothing changes from the staffers point of view when creating a vendor bill. Staffers will enter and submit their time as usual. The review and approval process will also work the same way.


  • I get an error when I choose the setting Post Time as Bill on the Staff Dashboard for a particular staffer. Why?

    The staffer must be linked to a vendor in order for the setting to save. Also, you must select the vendor from the picklist on the Staff Dashboard (see question one).


  • For staffers that are marked to Post Time as Bill, what happens to their hours in the Post Timesheets screen?

    Time for staffers marked to Post Time as Bill will automatically be flagged as Posted. This means the staffer’s time will appear in the Post Timesheets screen. But it’ll be flagged as Posted. 


  • My staffer’s time isn’t being added in the Create Vendor Bill screen -- even though this staffer is linked to a vendor.

    Check the setting on the Staff Dashboard for this staffer (see question one). 


  • What happens if I delete a bill?

    The time associated with that bill will go back to the Unposted Vendor Bill time. 


  • Can more than one staffer be linked to the same vendor?

    Yes. This will create a separate bill for each staffer.  
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