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How To Create a Deposit Report

BigTime Wallet can process payments from your clients and deposit them into your bank account all from one central location. When a deposit is made, BigTime keeps a record of it that you can refer back to by creating a deposit report. You can create deposit reports for any time frame you choose, and can download them as a PDF, DOC or XLS file to your computer. To learn about deposit reports and how to create one, continue to the steps outlined below. 

Creating Deposit Reports

1. Navigate to ANALYTICS…REPORT CENTER from your main navigation toolbar.

2. Once you’re in the Report Center, scroll down to your list of available reports, find the section called WALLET PAYMENT REPORTS, and click DEPOSIT.

3. This will take you to a new page where you can set up your deposit report. First, you’ll need to set a time frame you’d like BigTime to pull deposit data from. Click on the date range field in the upper right corner of your window to open a calendar where you can update your date range. Then, click the blue APPLY button.

4. You’ll now see a report containing all your recorded deposits from that time period. 

There are a few different options for arranging your deposit report. You can either elect to view a flat list of just your deposits, or you can have BigTime display your deposits with a breakdown of the payments contained in them. To change the way your deposit report displays data, click on the GRAY ARROW next to the PAGE icon in the top right corner and select your chosen option.

Each piece of data about your deposits will be arranged in columns. 

The columns you can add are:

  • Deposit Number
  • Payment Type 
  • Payment ID
  • Last four digits of payment method
  • Authorization Code
  • Total deposit amount
  • Deposit batch date
  • Client that made the payment
  • Fees
  • Total amount deposited (minus fees)

If you want to add or remove certain columns from your deposit report, click on the GEAR icon.

A picklist will appear with all of your column options. Check off the ones you want to keep on your report, and uncheck the columns you’d like to remove. Then, click APPLY to save your selections.

If you want to export your deposit report, you can do so by clicking the ARROW next to the EXPORT button. You’ll be able to choose whether you’d like your report to export as a PDF, a DOC file, or an XLS file.

You can also create a separate BigTime Wallet report that displays only the fee statements for each respective deposit. The process for doing so is outlined in this article. If you still have questions about BigTime Wallet, deposits or payments, take a look at some of the articles below:

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