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Add a Default Payment Method With BigTime Wallet Payments

Choose a default payment method that’ll automatically be selected for each invoice with BigTime Wallet payments.

Here’s an example. Say you want to allow ACH as a payment option each time you send a BigTime Wallet invoice.

In this case, you’d set a default to include ACH payments. Then, the ACH option will automatically be checked each time you create an invoice, as you can see in the image below.


In other words, the payment method will be remembered for each invoice. The idea is to save you a step and help streamline the payment process.

This article will show you how to navigate and use the default payment option.

1. Click INVOICING...CONFIGURE from your navigation bar.

2. Click the PAYMENTS tab.

3. Click DEFAULTS.

4. Select your payment method default(s).

5. Click the SAVE button, which is located in the bottom right hand corner of your window.

To summarize, we selected and saved "Allow ACH" as our default. That means, the next time we create an invoice, this option will automatically be selected.


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