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How To Create Fee Statement Reports

For every payment that BigTime Wallet deposits into your bank account, there will also be fees deducted. Similarly to how you can create a report for your deposits, you can also create a report that shows you the fees associated with each of your deposits. There are two different types of fee statement reports you can create: Fee Statement reports, or Fee Statement Detail reports. This article will explain how you can create both.

Creating a Fee Statement Report

A Fee Statement report is the most simple form of a deposit fee report. It will show you the combined dollar amount of all the fees over a monthly period. To create one, follow these steps:

1. Go to ANALYTICS…REPORT CENTER from your main navigation bar.

2. Scroll down to your available report templates, find the BIGTIME WALLET REPORTS section, and click FEE STATEMENT. This will open a new window where you can add details and filters to your fee statement report.

3. Click on the date range in the upper right corner and select a date range you’d like BigTime to pull deposit fee data from. Once you’ve selected your date range, click APPLY.

4. You’ll now be able to see basic data about the deposit fees from the time period you selected. Note that each row under the DATE column shows the first day of each month from that time frame. That’s because, for simplicity’s sake, BigTime aggregates all the fees from each month. If you want to view a breakdown of each fee by day, you’ll need to create a Fee Statement Detail report, which we’ll address later in this article.

The Fee Statement report will show the total payment volume for each month, the number of transactions BigTime processed during that month, and the total dollar amount of all the fees associated with those transactions. You can add or subtract columns and can download this report the same way you would a deposit report.

Creating a Fee Statement Detail Report

Fee Statement Detail reports give you more information about your deposit fees and will break them down individually by deposit, rather than showing you an aggregated amount over a monthly period. To view your more in-depth fee data on a Fee Statement Detail report, click the GRAY ARROW next to the field on the upper left side of your window, and choose FEE STATEMENT DETAIL from the picklist that generates.

You’ll now see a list of each individual fee processed during the time frame you selected. You’ll also see the date each fee was processed, the dollar amount for each fee, the total payment, the deposited amount (which is the payment total with the fee subtracted), the client who made the payment and the job that they were invoiced for.

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