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Monitoring Automatic Payments

BigTime Wallet supports AutoPay, allowing your clients to save a payment method and automatically schedule payments for their invoice due dates. AutoPay makes your clients’ lives easier while allowing you to predict future revenue more accurately. 

This article will show you how to monitor your clients’ automatic payments and keep track of which clients are enrolled in AutopPay within BigTime.

Monitoring Automatic Payments in BigTime’s Payment Report

First, go to your main Payments report by clicking INVOICING…PAYMENTS from your main navigation bar. 


You’ll see a list of all your pending client payments. 

To view which clients are enrolled in AutoPay, click the GEAR icon in the top right corner and select AUTOPAY. This will add a new AutoPay column to your report. Click APPLY to save your selection.

You’ll now see a column recording which of your clients’ payments are enrolled in AutoPay. This will help you keep track of which payments are scheduled on their due date, helping you plan your future finances.

If you’d like to view which of your clients’ past processed payments were made using AutoPay, simply switch your view by clicking the PENDING PAYMENTS field in the top left corner and selecting PAYMENT HISTORY from the dropdown menu.

Monitoring Which Projects are Using AutoPay

AutoPay is set up on a project basis, so in order to monitor which projects have been enrolled, you’ll need to create a project report.

Once you’ve created a project report, follow the steps to add a column and select AUTOPAY STATUS as the project details field.


After doing so, click CREATE REPORT. 

You’ll now be able to see which projects have been enrolled in AutoPay. 

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