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How To View Your Past Payment Deposits

With BigTime Wallet, your firm will be able to process client invoice payments and deposit those payments into your bank account, all in one central platform. BigTime keeps a record of all your past deposits, which you can reference anytime you need to. To access those deposit records, just follow the steps below.

1. Go to INVOICING…PAYMENTS from your main navigation bar.

2. This will by default take you to your list of pending payments. In order to see your past deposits, click on the GRAY ARROW in the PENDING PAYMENTS field in the top left corner, and select DEPOSITS from the picklist that appears. 

3. Now, you’ll see a list of all your past deposits, with columns displaying the deposit amount and the fees associated with the deposit. Each deposit will have a corresponding deposit batch date. Finally, the NUMBER OF SALES column will display the number of payments that were included in the batch for each deposit.

Each payment number in the NUMBER OF SALES column for each deposit batch will be hyperlinked, so if you want to drill down and see more details about each payment, click one of the hyperlinks.

This will open a new DEPOSIT INFORMATION pop-up window, and there you’ll see a breakdown of the individual payment included in the deposit. You’ll see the date of the payment (which may differ from the batch deposit date), the type of payment and its last four digits (either bank transfer or credit card), the payment status, its associated deducted fees, and other details. 

NOTE: You can also see these details by clicking on the hyperlinked date for your chosen deposit under the DEPOSIT BATCH DATE column. 

You can use the payment deposit data stored in BigTime to create deposit reports and get insight into your firm's billing strategy. To learn more about payments and BigTime Wallet, take a look at these articles:

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