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FAQ — Scheduled Payments With BigTime Wallet

What is Scheduled Payments?

BigTime Wallet offers payments flexibility by enabling your customers to schedule payments for a future date but within your set invoice terms. Your customers can proactively schedule their payment so that they won’t forget to pay your invoice — thus helping you get paid on time!


How do I set-up Scheduled Payments?

As a BigTime Wallet user, nothing is required from you to set up auto payments. When you send an invoice, your customers will see the option to Schedule Payment as long as the invoice has a defined Invoice Term (e.g., Net 30). If the invoice is specified as Due on Receipt, scheduling of payment is not available.


What is the latest date that my customer can Schedule Payments?

Payment can be scheduled no later than the Invoice Due Date that the BigTime Wallet customer specifies on the Invoice.


What are the email notifications for Schedule Payments?

Your customer will receive an email notification when the payment has been successfully scheduled and one additional email once the payment has been initiated. 


Further notifications will be introduced depending on customer feedback.


If the payment is scheduled, where is payment information stored?

Sensitive card and account information is encrypted and stored by our payment processor, who is a Level 1 PCI Service Provider - the highest level of PCI compliance.


Where does my customer Schedule a Payment?

Payments can be scheduled on the emailed Payment Landing Page that your customer(s) receives. Once payment information is entered, there is an option to “Schedule Payment” right below the “Submit Payment” option.


Payments can also be scheduled through the Client Portal, if your customers have been granted access.


Can my customer cancel or modify a Scheduled Payment?

Yes, scheduled payments can be modified or canceled, provided it is at least one day prior to the scheduled date of payment.


Can I set-up AutoPayment with my customer(s)?

Stay tuned! We are looking to enhance Schedule Payment with Auto Payment functionality in 2023.

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