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Get Started With BigTime Wallet

BigTime Wallet provides Essentials, Advanced and Premier users the ability to send an invoice and receive payments on a single platform. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with your accounting system. 

Get the process started by filling out a short application to integrate your firm with BigTime Wallet. It takes just minutes to complete. Many fields are already automatically filled in for you—pulling data from elsewhere in the BigTime System. And you can start and stop the application at will and your data will be saved.

This article will walk you through the application process.


1. Click MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS from the navigation bar.

2. Click the BIGTIME WALLET tile. It should be in the top row of integration tiles on your screen.

3. Click the button GET SET UP TODAY

Note: If your screen has a “continue” button, that means you started your application but didn’t submit it. 


4. Add your firm’s details to page one of the application. This page is automatically filled in with data from the Company Info dashboard. Access this dashboard by clicking MY COMPANY...MY COMPANY, and you’ll default to the Company Info tab.


All fields on this page are mandatory, so fill out any blank fields before proceeding to the next page.


5. Click NEXT to proceed to the next page.


6. Add a primary owner, which is step two of the application. There are two ways to go about this. 

First, you can manually enter a staffer and their contact information in the empty fields.

Or you can select a staffer from the picklist at the top of the window. Your entire staff list will populate in this picklist. The details associated with this staffer will automatically populate. The information is pulled from the staffer’s contact information.


7. Click NEXT to proceed to the next page.


8. Fill in page three of the application, which is where payments should be sent.  

NOTE: Check the box at the end of the window if you’ll be processing transactions for customers outside of the United States. A textbox will populate, where you can indicate the percent of transactions that will be processed by this customer base.

9. Click NEXT to proceed to the next page.


10. Review your work. The last page of the application is a summary of the details you’ve entered.

If you have changes, then click the back button at the end of this window. Otherwise, check the box under the E-Signature header and click SUBMIT APPLICATION.


Your admin will receive an application notification when:

  • The application has been submitted.
  • The application is "pending" and more documentation is needed by the underwriting team. This notification will direct the admin to their "integrations" page for more details.
  • The application has been approved.
  • The application has been rejected.
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