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Create Your Own Security Groups and Add Group Rights

When you add staffers to BigTime, you’ll assign them to a security group. BigTime comes equipped with two security groups: System Administrator and Everyone. Alternatively, you can create your own security group with specific rights. For example, create a management group with the right to review and approve timesheets. Then, add staffers to one or multiple security groups.

This article will explain how to create security groups and add or remove group rights. We’ll also explain how to assign staffers to security groups.


Create a Security Group and Add Group Rights

Security groups in BigTime are customizable. Follow the steps below to create a security group and add group rights.

1. Click MY COMPANY...USER RIGHTS and a new window with your security groups will populate.


2. Click ADD NEW GROUP, near the bottom of the window, to add a new security group.


3. Type the name of the security group in the text box at the top of the window. As an example, we'll call this one "Management".


4. Below the text box, you'll see rows of user right sections with plus signs next to each row. Click on one of these plus signs to open a picklist with specific user rights to choose from. Clicking the ON/OFF toggle will grant or deny certain rights to your security group. 

Note: Click on the question mark symbol for a detailed explanation of the user right.

5. Click SAVE to save the new group and its rights.


Edit Staffer Rights in a Security Group

System admins can add or remove rights in a security group at any time. Follow the steps above to access the security group window. Then, click on the group that you want to edit.

Now admins can add or remove rights or update the security group name. Remember to click SAVE to save your changes.


Assign Staffers to Security Groups

Staffers can belong to multiple security groups. In the section that follows, we’ll add our staffer, Zach, to two groups: management and IT.

Here’s how to add a staffer to security groups:



2. Click on a staffer’s name from your list of staffers.


3. Click USER RIGHTS, located on the gray navigation menu.


4. Check the box next to a security group to add the staffer to that group. In the example below, we added this example user to the management group.

Note: Easily update your security groups by clicking EDIT on the right-side of your window.

You can also include the staffer’s management authority over Staff Departments. Admins can update the available values by clicking EDIT.

5. Click SAVE CHANGES to save your work.

Repeat this process for each staffer you add to BigTime.


TIP: About Bigtime’s Default Security Groups

BigTime comes equipped with two security groups: System Administrator and Everyone. Although these groups can’t be deleted, Everyone user rights can be changed and edited. Just click on this group and change the rights. However, System Administrator rights cannot be changed.

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