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User Rights: Financial & Invoicing

For every security group you create in BigTime, you’ll have the ability to add or remove certain user rights that control what members of that security group can do. To edit or add security group user rights, first go to MY COMPANY…USER RIGHTS from your main navigation bar. Then, either create a new security group or click on a pre-existing security group. You’ll see a list of all the user right categories, which you can click on to expand and see each individual user right grouped within that category. One of these categories is labeled FINANCIAL & INVOICING. In this article, we’ll define each user right in this category, and explain what aspects of the BigTime user experience they each control.

Financial Administrator

Think of this as the overarching user right that covers all the basic permissions for managing your firm's financial operations. With this user right activated, any member of your security group can review financial transactions, override approvals, and add or edit timesheets for closed time periods. There are a few other financial administrator permissions that are activated by turning on other user rights. Those additional user rights are covered below.

Post Data To Your Accounting System

With BigTime, you can connect your account to an accounting system like QuickBooks or Intuit to more seamlessly process and track transactions. If you want certain staffers to be able to post financial data to your accounting system, you’ll need to grant them this user right. This user right doesn't cover posting invoices to your accounting system -- if you want security group members to have that ability, you'll need to additionally turn on the "Create New Invoices" and "View/Manage Any Project" user rights.

Create New Invoices

Staffers by default can log time towards projects, but they won't be able to create invoices for logged hours unless they have this security right turned on. Once this user right has been activated, members of your security group will be able to create draft invoices by going to INVOICING...OVERVIEW.

Allow User To Delete Invoices

While the previous user right grants the ability to create new invoices in BigTime, members of your security group won't be able to delete those invoices from BigTime unless they have this user right.

Allow User To Edit Posted/Approved Invoices

Invoices that are created and posted in BigTime then go through a review process where they're either approved or rejected by staffers who have reviews/approvals permissions. Once invoices are posted and approved, your staffers cannot go back and edit them unless they have this user right.

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