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Export Projects from BigTime to Jira

If you don't want to create your projects in Jira first, you can instead create projects in BigTime and export them to your firm's Jira account. To do so, first follow the steps in this article to create a new project, or navigate to your project list (MY COMPANY…PROJECT LIST) and click on the name of your chosen project. Then, go to the DETAILS tab in your project’s dashboard.

If the project in question hasn’t yet been added to Jira, you’ll see a dialog box on the right side of your window asking whether you want to add the project to Jira. Click the button labeled YES to start the export process.

A smaller window will pop up prompting you to fill out a few more details before beginning the export. We’ll explain what those fields are and what types of data they represent below.

JIRA PROJECT KEY: This is where you can set a prefix you'd like to use for issue numbers on the project in Jira. If you want Jira to automatically generate keys by itself, you can leave this field blank.


JIRA PROJECT TEMPLATE: This is where you can dictate the template format Jira should follow when recreating your BigTime project. You can either select Scrum or Kanban as the template type in this field. You can also check the box under this field labeled SET AS DEFAULT to tell BigTime to prefill this format when exporting the project in the future. 


JIRA PROJECT LEAD: Here, you can select the staffer you'd like to be assigned as the lead on your project in Jira. It's important to note that the options that appear in this picklist are pulled from your user list in Jira, and not from your staff list in BigTime. Make sure that your chosen team lead has been added as a user in Jira before starting your export.


After you’ve filled out each of these fields, you can click the blue EXPORT button to finish the export. If all details are correct, you'll see a message informing you that the export was successful. Your BigTime project will appear in Jira as a blank board. Tasks will not import with the project, so you will need to add tasks/issues to the blank project in Jira and then import them all back to BigTime to see this info relfected in both platforms.

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