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Jira Integration: Issue Types and Task Types

Some firms use Task Types, which are values that describe units of work associated with a task. They allow you to track statuses on your tasks.

You can bring in Issue Types from Jira into BigTime as Task Types. In fact, we automatically create Task Types for your Jira Issues, such as: bug, epic, story, task, and sub-task. 

Statuses will be created for each Task Type, such as Backlog, Not Started, ToDo, In Progress, Done, etc. That way, you can track the statuses of your Jira issues. Statuses also come from Jira.

Your Jira Issues Types populate in BigTime as Task Types, as you can see in the image below.


Note: You can access this window by clicking WORKFLOW...CONFIGURE TYPES from your navigation bar.

As mentioned, Task Types allow you to track statuses of your Jira issue. This is what that process looks like:


The “type” is a story, which you can see under the Type header. The status is any of the selections in the picklist. 

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