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How To Integrate With Jira

Jira is a popular system for logging, prioritizing and managing the to-do lists for development and support teams around the world. 

BigTime integrates seamlessly with Jira. That way, you can leverage the data and functionality Jira offers with your project budgets, schedules and financials in BigTime. 

This article will show you how to integrate BigTime with Jira. It'll also show you how to map your Jira issues and stories to your Tasks in BigTime.

First, let’s integrate BigTime with Jira. 

1. Click MY COMPANY....INTEGRATIONS from your navigation bar.

2. Click on the JIRA SOFTWARE tile.

3. Click ENABLE.

4. Click NEXT.

A pop-up will appear prompting you to sign into Jira. Click NEXT.

5. A new pop-up window will appear. Here, you'll need to authorize the integration between BigTime and Jira. Choose a site to authorize and click ACCEPT.

Now you’re ready to map Jira’s terminology (projects, epics, issues, and sub-tasks) to BigTime’s (tasks and subtasks). 


Map Jira to Bigtime

Each firm uses Jira differently. So we want you to decide what issues in Jira are imported into BigTime as your tasks and subtasks. We offer that flexibility in the window below, which is where you make your mapping selections.


The terms on the left-side are BigTime terms, which map to the Jira terms on the right-side. 

We’ll move top to bottom in this window and explain your options, starting with CLIENT on the BigTime side (ie, left-side).

A Client in BigTime maps to a Project in Jira. This mapping is required. That’s why you can’t select any other options on the Jira side. 

However, there’s flexibility with Tasks and Subtasks.

  • A Task in BigTime can map to an Issue or Epic in Jira.
  • A Subtask in BigTime can map to Issue, Subtask, or None in Jira.

To change your selections, click on the GRAY ARROW and select the desired selection from the picklist.

TASK NAME FORMAT is how the task name will appear in BigTime.


Finally, you have seven options at the end of the window. Check the box(es) to enable the following settings:

  • Enforce Jira names in BigTime
  • Import Original Estimate
  • Import Backlog Items
  • Import Worklogs from JIRA
  • Import Due Date
  • Create New Projects Automatically
  • Import Assignments


Click NEXT once you’re finished with your selections. Then, you’ll see a pop-up window that confirms your selections.


Click NEXT and the sync will start.

Keep in mind that this is a one-way sync: from Jira to BigTime. 


These are the projects that come in from Jira: active projects and projects with epics or issues.

You’ll get a confirmation window that the sync is complete. 


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