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How To Import Jira Worklogs

When you enter time on an issue within Jira, that time will be referred to as a worklog. Each individual worklog can be logged in a weekly, daily, hourly and minute format. Whatever format you enter your time in will be translated into an hourly format when you import it into BigTime. So, for example, if you log a single day towards a task/issue in Jira, that time will transfer to BigTime as 8 hours.

To import worklogs from Jira to BigTime, go to MY COMPANY…INTEGRATIONS from your main navigation bar.

Then, click on the JIRA tile.

In your Jira integration settings window, click on the button labeled IMPORT WORKLOGS, located at the bottom of your screen.

This will open a new pop-up window where you can filter for the worklogs you’d like to import. Here, you can set a date range for BigTime to pull from. It’s required that you set a date range when attempting to import worklogs, and you won’t be able to proceed if you leave these fields blank. Click on either of the DATE RANGE fields and select the appropriate dates from the calendar that populates.

You can also select a project you’d like BigTime to pull from, although filling out this detail isn’t required to import worklogs. Once you’ve made your selections, click the blue IMPORT button to begin importing your worklogs.

Your pop-up window will refresh and let you know that BigTime is in the process of pulling your requested worklogs from Jira. As the dialog in this window says, you can either click CLOSE to close this window out, or leave it open until you get confirmation that your worklogs have synced. Either way, BigTime will run the sync in the background, and closing this window won’t affect your worklog import.

Once your worklogs are imported to BigTime, they will appear as unsubmitted time in your timesheet window (TIME/EXPENSE...TIMESHEETS). This way, you or your staffer can still make edits or add appropriate notes to these time entries in BigTime before submitting them. If you edit those worklogs in Jira, you can import them again to see those changes reflected in BigTime so long as their corresponding BigTime time entries remain unsubmitted.

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