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Your Skill List Toolbar

If you have Skills enabled for your firm, you’ll have access to a skill list window where you can add and manage your staffers’ skills. There are a number of actions you can take once in your skill list window. This article will walk you through each piece of your skill list toolbar. 

NOTE: This article assumes you already know how to access your skill list.  Additionally, this article, and all other articles in the Skills Matching section, explain how to use BigTime's basic skills matching features. If you need a more advanced tool for skills management that also lets you manage time off and utilization, talk to your customer support person about adopting BigTime's resource management module, BigTime Foresight. You can learn more about this module by visiting the BigTime Foresight section of our Knowledge Base.


The Skill List Toolbar

At the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see a blue button that says ADD SKILL. 

When you click this button, it will open a pop-up window where you’ll be able to add a new skill. There are several fields that you’ll have to fill out when creating a new skill – you can read about them in this article.

Next to the ADD SKILL button is a button named IMPORT CSV. If you have a skills list located in an external document, you can click this button to upload that document and its contents as a CSV file into BigTime. This uploading process is covered in the Skills Matching FAQ article.

Right beside this button is a search bar. You can type keywords into this search bar to find specific skills in your list. 

On the right side of your skill list toolbar, you’ll see three icons: a QUESTION MARK, a FUNNEL and a GEAR icon. Each of these corresponds to a different action you can take in your skill list.

First, let’s look at the QUESTION MARK icon, which represents your FIELD SUMMARIES.

When you click this icon, a new window will open with a list of all the fields on your skill list and brief descriptions of what each field means. In case there are any fields on your skill list that you don’t understand, you can always reference this list.

The FUNNEL icon lets you add filters to each of the columns on your skill list. When you click this icon, you’ll see GRAY ARROWS appear in the headers for each column.

Clicking one of these GRAY ARROWS will allow you to add filters specific to the type of data that column holds.

Clicking on the GEAR icon will open your list of fields. Here, you can check or uncheck boxes next to the fields of your choice to either add or remove them from your skill list. 

The last button on your skill list toolbar is the EXPORT button. When you click on the GRAY ARROW within this button, you’ll be able to choose the type of file you’d like to export your skill list as. 

Now that you’re familiar with your skill list toolbar, you can begin creating skills and applying them to your staffers. Read some of the articles below to get started:

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