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FAQ: Dashboards

  • Is there a limit to the number of tiles or dashboards I can create?

BigTime users can create up to five dashboards, and are able to add a total of six quick insight tiles and eight large data tiles to each dashboard. This article will walk you through creating and adding tiles to a dashboard. 


  • How many staffers/teams can have access to dashboards?

Dashboard access is determined by the security groups you’ve made for your firm, so your only limit is the number of staffers in each security group you’ve created. When you create or edit a dashboard, you’ll be prompted to check boxes next to each security group you’d like to grant access to, which then gives viewing and editing rights to every staffer in your selected security groups. Read this article to learn more about how security groups function in dashboards.


  • How far can I go in customizing my tiles?

When you add a tile from the tile library, you can make edits to the name you’d like the tile to display. For instance, if you want your “Task Status” tile to instead be named “Phase Status”, you can easily go ahead and make that change. Here's an article on how you can edit tile names.


Some tiles also allow you to customize the date ranges they display. This is dependent on whether the data the tile displays correlates to a specific time period, like A/R aging or upcoming project deadlines. Check out this article to learn more about editing tile date ranges. 


  • How often is dashboard data updated?

To see the most current data on your dashboards, you need to manually refresh each one. This article will walk you through refreshing your dashboards so you can see the most up-to-date metrics.

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