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Creating or Changing Dashboard Access Permissions

When you create multiple configurable dashboards, you can also set up different levels of staffer access for each dashboard. For instance, you can create a financials-oriented dashboard to share with just your accounting team, or a dashboard with data on task status and project progress for your project managers. You can share your dashboards with multiple teams or just one team — it all depends on what purpose you want each dashboard to serve.


The access permissions on your configurable dashboards are decided by the security groups you set up in your User Rights settings. To learn more about creating and adding staffers to security groups, take a look at this article.  


Any time you add a new dashboard, you’ll also need to establish access permissions for that board. After clicking +ADD NEW, you’ll see a new window open where you can pick a name for your new dashboard and select the groups you’d like to share it with. The list of groups is automatically generated from your own security groups. 


Here, check the boxes next to the security groups you’d like to share your dashboard with. Once you’ve made your dashboard access choices, click the blue button labeled ADD BOARD to create your new dashboard with those access permissions. Staffers in the security groups you selected will now be able to access and use that dashboard right away. 


If you already created a dashboard with certain access rights, but you want to retroactively change those access settings, all you have to do is click the THREE LINES in the top right corner of your view and then select EDIT DASHBOARD from the picklist that generates. 


This will open a new window where you can make edits to the name of your board and who will be able to see it. In the example below, we checked the box next to “Executives”. Now, both our executive team and our System Administrators will be able to view the “Financials” dashboard. 

Once you’re satisfied with your changes, click the EDIT BOARD button to save them.


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