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A Walkthrough of Your Quick Insight Tiles


Quick insight tiles translate large datasets into bite sized metrics that you can use to plan company strategy. Here’s a run-through of all your available quick insight tiles, what metrics they display, and how each one can help you make more informed decisions for your firm.


Unbilled WIP

Your unbilled WIP tile will show you how much work your staffers have done that they still need to invoice for. The higher the number is in this tile, the more you may need to prioritize invoicing for the work your staffers are doing.


Unbilled Time

Similar to the tile above, your unbilled time tile will show you how much time your staffers have logged toward projects that still need to be invoiced for. It displays this data in terms of hours, so if the number of hours in the tile is high, your staffers likely need to catch up on invoicing for their time.


Unbilled Expenses

The purpose of this tile is to show you how many expenses your company still needs to bill for. It displays a dollar amount of your total unbilled expenses, but if you want to view each individual expense, you can click on the tile to view a list of each expense. The unbilled expenses tile will let you know how far behind your company may be in fully processing expenses. 


Current Draft Invoice Amount

The current draft invoice amount tile is another tile that can push your invoicing operations forward. It lets you know the dollar amount accrued in all your drafted invoices – in other words, money that your firm could be collecting, but hasn’t yet. The higher this amount climbs, the more you may need to prioritize finalizing invoices so your firm can get paid.


Underutilized Staffers

One of your biggest goals as a firm is to make sure all your staffers' schedules are filled with billable projects. This tile will let you know how many of your staffers are currently underutilized, or not working at their full capacity. Clicking on this tile will expand your staffer capacity data and redistribute workloads if necessary. 


Total Allocated Hours

Your total allocated hours tile shows how many hours are currently delegated to planned and unplanned tasks. This is a key tile to have if you plan on using dashboards to guide your resource planning. You can drill into this tile to see an exact breakdown of your current allocations by staffer, so you can reallocate hours to different staffers if necessary.


Pending Tasks

This tile simply shows how many tasks your company has that are incomplete or in-progress. At a glance, you'll be able to see whether the number of pending tasks is low or high. Like the other quick insight tiles, you can go deeper in the tile data to see exactly which tasks are unfinished and which need to be prioritized. 


Unapproved Expenses

When a staffer submits an expense, it still needs to be approved before it can officially be logged in your firm's financial records. This tile shows you how many submitted expenses are currently awaiting manager approval. If this number is high, it's a sign you're behind on approving expenses, and will need to prioritize expense approval so your employees can be reimbursed. 


Unapproved Time

Your unapproved time tile is functionally similar to your unapproved expenses tile, except it instead tracks the timesheets your staffers have submitted that still need approval. The quicker you approve timesheets, the quicker you’re able to put together invoices for your clients so staffers get paid for their work. When this number is high, you probably should devote attention to getting timesheets approved so you can start charging for logged time. 


Total Tasks Overdue

This tile will show you the total number of overdue tasks you’re currently facing – if that number is high, you probably need to make adjustments to your resource planning approach. If your company has a lot of overdue tasks, it's an indicator that you may need to focus on assigning more staffers to tasks so you can keep making progress on your projects. 


A/R Aging

The A/R aging tile gives you information about how many invoiced dollars still need to be collected from your clients. Along with other financial tiles, this tile provides insight into billing trends over time, and can help you patch up any holes in your billing pipeline. 


Total Available Capacity

Your staffers' capacity directly correlates to their productivity, so ensuring their hours are fully allocated to tasks will help them finish projects faster. This tile shows you the total number of hours reflected in your staffers’ capacity during a month-long period. You can elect to view that data for past months, the current month, or into the future. 


Number of Unpaid Invoices

Getting paid on time is central to running a successful firm, so you don't want to have too many unpaid invoices accumulate. This tile will show the number of invoices that currently sit unpaid – if that number is too high, it's an indication that you're not getting paid in a timely manner. You may need to follow up with your clients to receive the money you billed them for. 


Number of Active Projects

The number of active projects tile can help you make more strategic staffing decisions by showing you how many projects your firm currently has in the works. If you're taking on an increasing number of projects, you'll need to make sure your staffers aren't over-capacity and that they have the right resources to accomplish their tasks. 


Number of Active Staff

This tile essentially tracks how many staffers you have that are active and currently working toward projects. It's a nice tile to have if you want to see how big your staff is at any given time.


Number of Unapproved Invoices

In this tile, you can see the number of invoices that have been submitted but that still need to be approved by management. If too many invoices sit unapproved, your billing operations will take a hit, so adding this tile to your dashboard will help you keep tabs on your unapproved invoices to prevent them from piling up.

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