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Your Dashboard Tile Types

There are two types of tile options you can choose from when building your dashboard: large data tiles and quick insight tiles. Both deliver different kinds of data, so keep reading to see what you can learn from each tile type. 

Note: This article assumes you already know how to access your dashboards. 


Quick Insight Tiles


Quick insight tiles live on the left side of your dashboard. Each one displays a bite-sized metric that paints a picture of the overall health of your company. Adding quick insight tiles to your dashboard is helpful if you want one significant data point you can take action on right away. If a number is confusing or seems off, you can always click directly on the tile to expand the dataset it’s pulling from. Within each dashboard you’re able to add 6 quick insight tiles.

Large Data Tiles



The main portion of your dashboard is made up of large data tiles. These tiles convey information about your company and projects through a variety of visuals. On your large data tiles, you’ll see data arranged in pie charts, bar graphs, tables, donuts, line graphs and gauge charts. You can add a total of 8 large data tiles to each of your dashboards.


Like your quick insights tiles, large data tiles arrange swaths of data into efficient packages, but with a little more detail. Large data tiles are better for understanding more complex information about your company, like profit margins over time or individual staffer utilization.


Now that you know the purpose of each tile type, you can start picking out the ones that make the most sense for your firm. Here are a few follow-up articles to get you started.



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