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A Walkthrough of Your Large Data Tiles


Large data tiles convert your raw company data into easily digestible graphics that you can use to direct your firm’s growth strategy. Read on to learn more about your large data tile options and how each one can uniquely help you make informed decisions for your business. 


Total Revenue

If you want to get a quick view of your company’s revenue trends and spot patterns, you can add the Total Revenue tile to your dashboard. This tile lets you take a look at the total monthly amount your firm has invoiced during a period of time you select. 


Total Profit

Adding the Total Profit tile to your dashboard will give you insight into how much money your firm is making, specifically its net intake after accounting for expenses. If you want to get a view of your company's overall income after accounting for costs, this tile will give you a visual depiction of those numbers over time.


Total Billable Hours Over Time

Billable hours are very important to your employees' success and the success of your firm as a whole. Keeping tabs on the pace at which your firm is billing hours can give you important insight into your organization’s health and performance, and identify trends that may indicate you need to take on more projects. The Total Billable Hours tile conveys that information in visual form, and gives you the option to view how your billable hours have changed month over month.


Total Billable Charges Over Time

This tile gives you a quick view into how much your company has been billing out in charges in total month over month. By observing trends in this tile, you can figure out whether certain months tend to be more stagnant than others in terms of what you're charging for projects, and plan ahead accordingly.


Total Non-Billable Hours Over Time

The pace at which your firm bills for hours is a big indicator of how healthy your business is, so adding this tile to your dashboard will allow you to keep tabs of the rate at which you're billing for hours. Since it displays only your logged non-billable hours, this will let you know how much work your firm is doing that can’t be charged for, so you can figure out a plan for how to better spend your time. 


Total Non-Billable Charges Over Time

Similar to the tile above, this tile shows you non-billable charges your company is logging month over month. This can alert you to any missed profit opportunities you could be taking advantage of, and can help you make better staffing and allocation decisions to grow your profit margins. 


A/R Aging

The A/R aging tile gives you information about how many invoiced dollars still need to be collected from your clients. Along with other financial tiles, this tile provides insight into how you get paid over time, and can help you patch up any holes in your billing pipeline. This large data tile chart will show you the dollar amounts you still need to collect from invoices during different time periods. This way, you'll be able to see which invoices are overdue from which time periods, and get more information about which customers you need to follow up with and when.


Upcoming Projects Due

This tile simply shows you which of your projects are approaching their due dates. If certain upcoming time periods are more deadline-heavy than others, that could be an indicator that you need to prioritize resource allocation during certain months to get everything done on time. 


Projects at Risk

The Projects at Risk tile displays data about your project status in terms of budget. It’s a great tile to add if you’re building a finance-focused dashboard, because it will let you know which of your projects might be at risk of going over budget. Having real-time updates on the budget status of your projects will help you know when to change course in terms of your finance strategy.


Task Status

The Task Status tile will give you information about which of your tasks have been finished already, which ones have upcoming due dates, and which ones are overdue for completion. Being able to see all your tasks side by side will give you the power to redirect attention to tasks that are overdue or have fast approaching deadlines.


Role Utilization

The role utilization tile gives you insight into how much billable work your staffers have been doing over time by role. This can be helpful information to have if, for instance, you’re considering building out certain teams and hiring new people. If your product designers have a really high utilization rate. This means they’re doing a lot of profitable work, so you might want to hire more product designers to balance out the workload and take on more profitable tasks. On the other hand, if the role utilization tile shows your Engineers have a low utilization rate, you’ll know it doesn’t make sense to hire more employees for engineering roles. 


Allocation vs. Capacity by Month

In order to complete projects efficiently and on time, leaders need to make sure all their staffers have their schedules filled with tasks. This tile measures both resource allocation and staffer capacity, so you can get a better view of how many hours each staffer has that remain unallocated. 


Hours Scorecard

The Hours Scorecard tile also gives you insight into utilization, but at a company level. In this tile, you’ll see information about your firm's input hours, billable hours and billability percentage. You can also get a glimpse into how each of your employees are doing in terms of workload and performance. The tile will inform you if any of your teammates are at risk of running over their capacity, making it easier for you to understand who to assign new projects to. 


Firm-Wide Billability

Your firm-wide billability metrics are a benchmark you can use to measure your company’s profitability. This tile displays your firm's billable hours in a donut chart form, and the percentage displayed will let you know how you're tracking in terms of billable hours. The lower the percentage, the more money you're missing out on.


Upcoming Tasks by Staffer

To get an idea of the future workload for your employees, you can add the Upcoming Tasks by Staffer tile to your dashboard. This bar graph tile will show you how high the upcoming task load will be for each of your staffers. Being able to view this data can let you know if certain staffers are doing disproportionately more work than others, giving you a basis to make decisions about task delegation.


Firm-Wide Allocations by Month

This line graph tile gives you information about your total allocations across your entire staff for a selected time period. By watching for changes in this line graph, you can see whether there are spikes or dips in the amount of work that is being accomplished or planned over time. Following this data closely will make it more clear how you need to make decisions for your staff.

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