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Adding Tiles to Your Dashboard

When you take a glance at your dashboard, you’ll see the option to add eight main tiles and six “quick insight” tiles. Each of these tiles will give you different types of data about your company, and you can pick and choose the types of tiles you see on your dashboard. There’s two ways to add new tiles to your dashboard – first, by adding them through your tile shopping cart, and second, by quick-adding them. Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through each method. 


NOTE: This article assumes you already know how to access your configurable dashboards. 


Adding Tiles From Tile Shopping Cart


There are a couple different ways to add tiles to your dashboard, but both begin in the tile library. 


1. Unless you’ve already filled your dashboard with tiles, you’ll see empty ADD TILE boxes in both your main dashboard and your quick insights sidebar. 

To navigate to your tile library, click on one of the empty ADD TILE boxes that corresponds to the type of new tile you want to add. In this example, we’ll be adding a tile to our quick insights sidebar. 


2. Now, you’ll see all the tile options available to you in the tile library. We’re now going to add a tile. 


Now, let’s say we want to add the TOTAL ALLOCATED HOURS tile to our dashboard. To do so, we’ll click that tile.


3. You’ll be redirected to the details page for that tile. Here, you’ll have the option to choose a new name for your tile, and to change the date range the tile displays. 


TIP: Remember, not all tiles will have a date range option. You’ll only be able to add date ranges to tiles that display time specific data, such as A/R aging and monthly allocations.


Once you’ve made your desired changes to the tile, click the blue ADD TILE button.


4. After clicking that button, a sidebar will appear to the right of your screen. This is your tile shopping cart, where you can make a few final adjustments to your tile before officially adding it to your dashboard. The purpose of the tile shopping cart is to make sure you’re absolutely positive about adding the tile to your dashboard. 

Under the PUBLISH TO header, you can select the dashboard you want your tile to appear on. This can be helpful if you have multiple dashboards set up for different staffers. 

You’ll also see two hyperlinked options to EDIT or DELETE your tile. Clicking EDIT will take you back to the tile settings page, where you can make edits to the tile name and date range. Clicking DELETE will remove the tile from your tile shopping cart.

5. If you feel good about adding the tile to your dashboard, you can now click the PUBLISH TILE(S) button at the bottom of your tile shopping cart. Clicking this button will publish all the tiles in your shopping cart – meaning if you’ve added multiple to your cart, they will all appear on your dashboard at once. In our example, there’s only one tile in our shopping cart.


You’ll be redirected back to your dashboard landing page, where you’ll now see your new tile.



If you just want to add a tile without going through the shopping cart steps above, you can also quick-add tiles from the tile library directly to your dashboard. This option is useful if you’re in a hurry to build out a dashboard, or if you don’t have any edits you want to make to the tile name, date range or publish location.


Follow the same steps to get to the tile library. Once there, take a look at the tile you want to add to your dashboard. Below the tile’s brief description, you’ll see a hyperlink to QUICK ADD the tile. 


Doing so will skip over the tile editing and shopping cart steps and immediately publish the tile to your dashboard. If you decide later on that you want to make edits to the name or date range for that tile, you can always click the THREE DOTS next to your tile and select EDIT TILE from the picklist that appears.


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