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Dashboard Data Update Frequency

In order to get up to speed on your firm’s latest performance metrics, you have to manually refresh your  dashboard. Doing so will pull all new data between your last refresh and the present day, updating your tiles to reflect your company’s most recent performance. Refreshing your dashboard is simple. Here’s how to do it.


NOTE: This article assumes you already know how to access your dashboards.


1. In the upper right corner of your dashboard screen, you’ll see an icon with THREE LINES


2. A picklist will generate with a few options to choose from. Click the option to REFRESH DASHBOARD.


3. After a second or two, you’ll see your current date and time reflected in the top left corner of your screen. This information will update automatically every time you refresh your dashboard.

TIP: Following the steps above will only refresh the dashboard you have open. If you have multiple dashboards for different staffers and want to refresh all of them at once, you’ll need to go into each individual dashboard and update them one by one. Your dashboards can also only be refreshed once every hour. 

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