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Client Portal Setup

The Client Portal provides your clients a place to go to view information related to their projects. They'll have access to their invoices, the ability to pay invoices, save payment methods for future use, and view team members assigned to each project.

This article will show you how to set up the Client Portal, so your client can use it. 

Note: The Client Portal is only available for customers integrated with BigTime Wallet.

1. Click MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST from your navigation bar. 

2. Select a project from your Project List.

3. Click on the CLIENT tab.

Notice that three sub-tabs show up: Client Info, Contact, Portal Setup.


We’ll go through each one.

Client Info

The CLIENT INFO tab is where you enter general client information, such as your client’s name and address.


At the end of this window, you can select to consolidate invoices.



This section will highlight the main features of your CONTACTS window. It’ll also show you how to set the portal access for your client.

The Contacts tab contains your contacts and their contact information. Just because your client appears on this window, doesn't mean they have access to the Client Portal. 


The contacts will have access to the Client Portal once you invite them and their user access is set to "Portal User," which we'll explain next.

To add a new contact click on the ADD CONTACT button.


Contacts can be copied from one project to the next by selecting the COPY option.


When you add a client who’ll also use the Client Portal, you need to determine the client’s portal access status. Set this status in the picklist under the header CLIENT PORTAL ACCESS. This option is located near the top-left corner of the window in the above image.

Click on the arrow and you’ll see two options: PORTAL USER and NO PORTAL ACCESS.

A PORTAL USER can view all data in the Client Portal that is made available(which you’ll determine in the next section). This user type can access all projects on the Client Portal, even if that contact is only listed on a single project. They also have full user rights for all projects on the Portal (eg, pay invoices and view any projects).

In contrast, a NO PORTAL ACCESS means the contact can't view anything. 

Portal Settings

This is the tab where you’ll activate and deactivate the Client Portal. It’s also where you decide which areas of the Client Portal you want your clients to access and use. Click ON to activate the Client Portal.

This means your client will have access to the Portal.


Select the areas within the Client Portal that you’d like your clients to access and view. For example, I activated Teams in the image below.

Then, select the specific projects you want your clients to see on the Client Portal. For example, if I select “Press Release” from the projects listed below.


Remember to click SAVE CHANGES, near the bottom-right corner of your window, to save your work.

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