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Creating a New Expense Entry

BigTime users have the ability to enter expenses directly into the system so that managers can review/approve these expenses and begin to bill and reimburse any expenses necessary. These expenses can be pushed over to your accounting system, such as QuickBooks.


1. Click the EXPENSES button under TIME/EXPENSE tab on the navigation bar.



2. Click the ADD NEW EXPENSE button. This will take you to MY EXPENSES.



3. This will open a form that will allow you to enter your expense details. Fill out the details for your expense. At this point, you can enter information into all the available fields, as well as attach receipts to your expenses.


5. Click SAVE when you’re done. The save button on the expense entry form is multi-functional. If you click the up arrow next to SAVE, you have saving options to speed up the process of entry. This allows you the ability to enter multiple expenses in a quick manner.

Expenses can still be edited before they’re submitted for review. You can click into any details to make edits until you’re ready to submit.


TIP: Enter Expenses Using Bigtime Mobile

You can enter expenses on the go and enter expense receipts via your phone camera. The BigTime app is available on Android and Iphone devices. Learn more about Entering Expenses Using BigTime Mobile.

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