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Customizing Expense Entry

Just as with timesheet customization, system administrators are able to adjust the appearance of the expense entry form. They can determine which fields are visible, required, or viewable only by administrators.  

Getting to Your Customization Options

1. Go to the Expenses Dashboard by selecting TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES from the navigation menu.


2. Select the ADD NEW EXPENSE button. This will be located in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.


3. Click the GEAR ICON. Next to the picklist on the far right of the dashboard, click the gear to open the Expense Entry Setup area.


Choose the Options You Need for Expenses

The first editable item you will see is COST/AMOUNT ENTRY FORMAT. If you need to add GST/VAT tax information, click the gray drop-down arrow and change the cost/amount entry format from the default value to AMOUNT + TAX RATE.


Depending on the integrations you have enabled or the requirements needed for invoicing, you can show or hide values for expense entry by checking off the box for SHOW.


The following fields are available to show for expense entry in addition to the default fields:

  • TaskSID: These are your tasks created on your project.
  • QBClass: Any firm integrated with QuickBooks has class values synced in from their file.
  • Nt: The notes box for each individual entry.
  • NoCharge: The no-charge selection allows users to mark expenses as non-billable.
  • PaidByCo: This option allows users to mark expenses as non-reimbursable. Users who select this option will have the option to pick a corporate credit card. 

Adjust the Fields As Best Suited for Your Firm

The language that dictates how values are displayed in the expense entry form are first dictated by your lexicon settings. However, you can modify a specific field on the expense entry form by adjusting its label.


Reduce Mistakes by Marking Fields As Required

It's human nature to make mistakes, but you can reduce the amount of user error in expense entry by setting required fields. For any field you display, you can mark it as required by selecting the box under "Required." If your staff members forget to select a required field, BigTime will highlight that field so they are made aware that they must fill it in before saving.


Enable Fields for Admins Only

The ADMIN ONLY checkbox is designed so that administrators can view certain fields only while in administrator/management views. This means that these values cannot be viewed while users are entering expenses from the expense entry page. Only administrators will be able to view these fields in the following areas:      

  • Review and Approval screens
  • The Project List Expense History page
  • The Staff List Expense History page

It’s important to note that you cannot mark a field as both REQUIRED and ADMIN ONLY.     


When you are finished making your selections, click the blue SAVE SETTINGS button on the bottom right side of your window to apply any changes.


To view these updates on the expense entry form, click the ADD NEW EXPENSE button and then click on EXPENSE HISTORY in the top left corner of your page. 


Click here to watch a video tutorial on customizing expense entries.

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