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Importing a Specific HubSpot Pipeline to BigTime

If you have a specific pipeline you’d like to import from HubSpot to BigTime, you can do so from within the HubSpot integration settings window in your BigTime account. Follow the steps below to select your desired pipeline to import to BigTime.

1. Go to your integration window by navigating to MY COMPANY…INTEGRATIONS from your main navigation bar.

2. Find the HubSpot tile and click on it. This will take you to a new screen where you can manage your HubSpot integration settings.

3. If you’ve already set up syncing between HubSpot and BigTime, you’ll see a hyperlink labeled MANAGE in the HubSpot tile to the left side of your new screen. Click on this hyperlink.

4. A pop-up window will open. This is where you can configure your HubSpot integration, and is also where you’ll be able to choose a specific pipeline to sync to BigTime. Next to the text PIPELINE TO SYNC, you’ll see a picklist field. Click on the GRAY ARROW on the right side of this field.

A picklist will generate with all the pipelines you’ve created in HubSpot. Select the pipeline you’d like to import. Make sure the rest of the fields below match your integration needs, and then click the blue SAVE button at the bottom right corner of this pop-up window to save your selection.

Now, your chosen pipeline will be synced into BigTime. Keep in mind that you can only select one pipeline at a time to import.

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