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Import Projects by HubSpot Stage

HubSpot pipelines follow stages that are set up in a certain order. When you select a HubSpot stage for BigTime to sync projects in your HubSpot settings, BigTime will by default import that stage and all the stages that come before it in the pipeline. However, you can also tell BigTime to import only one stage and to not also import all the stages that precede it.

To do this, first, make sure you have the HubSpot integration enabled. Then, go to INTEGRATIONS and click on the HUBSPOT tile.

Next, click the MANAGE hyperlink.


Now, select the HubSpot stage you’d like BigTime to create projects in. In the example below, we chose the “Contract Sent” HubSpot stage.

After filling this field out, check the box next to SYNC SELECTED STAGE ONLY, and then click the SAVE button.

Now, only projects that are at the “Contract Sent” stage will be imported, and the stages that fall before “Contract Sent” will not be imported. To learn more about your options with HubSpot integration, take a look at the following articles:

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