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Set Up Your HubSpot Integration Settings

You’ve integrated with HubSpot. Now you need to set up your integration setting in BigTime. You’ll configure how your data syncs with HubSpot and determine when a HubSpot deal becomes a BigTime project.  

In this article, we’ll walk through the three hyperlinks on the HubSpot tile:

* Manage

* Disable

* Sync Deal Stages


To get started, navigate to your integrations page in BigTime (MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS and click on the HUBSPOT tile).  


Sync Deal Stages

Click the hyperlink, SYNC DEAL STAGES. This will import all of your stages from HubSpot.

It'll populate a picklist found under the MANAGE hyperlink (explained in the next section). From that picklist, you can select the stage where you want BigTime projects to be created.


Note: Once the sync is complete, you’ll notice that “sync deal stages” becomes “sync with HubSpot,” as shown in the image below. Click on this link when you want to sync a deal from HubSpot to BigTime.



Now let’s explore the MANAGE hyperlink.

1. Click on the MANAGE link (see above image) on the HubSpot integration screen to set up your sync settings.

2. Click on the GRAY ARROW next to HUBSPOT STAGES. Now select a stage from the picklist. This is where you want a project to be created in BigTime.

For example, say you select “contract sent.” Once a HubSpot deal hits that selected stage, a project is automatically created in BigTime.

Note: check the box next to ENABLE UPDATES if you’d like BigTime to update the project’s data when an update is made on a HubSpot deal.

3. Click SAVE.



If you want to disable the HubSpot integration at any time, then click the DISABLE hyperlink. 


When a HubSpot deal becomes a project in BigTime, that project will appear in your PROJECT LISTA number of fields are imported along with it. These details will automatically populate on the PROJECT and CLIENT tabs on the Project Dashboard for a particular project, as you can see in the image below.


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