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Deleting Expenses

Once expenses are submitted from your staff members, these expenses are locked and cannot be edited or deleted by end users. Administrators, however, can easily delete a submitted expense report or delete any unsubmitted expenses in an employee’s expenses queue.  

Deleting Unsubmitted Expenses

When any user submits expenses, these expenses are bundled into a report (expense report) that is submitted for review and approval. While those expenses aren’t editable after submission, employees can easily delete any unsubmitted expenses.

1. Click on TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES to navigate to the Expenses Dashboard. 

2. Click UNSUBMITTED EXPENSES to view any pending expenses. 

3. Select an expense from the list. From the list of unsubmitted expenses, click on the expense in question. 

4. Click the button labeled DELETE to delete. You will see a dialog box that confirms that you want to delete the selected expense entry.  Deleting is a permanent action that cannot be undone. If you're sure you want to delete the expense, click the YES button in the dialog box.

TIP: Deletion Options for Admins

If you’re an administrator, you can delete unsubmitted expenses from the same area for another staff member.

Navigate to TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES to view the Expenses Dashboard. You will have a picklist on the far right where you can view the expense history for any staff member in your firm.


Admins Can Delete Submitted Expenses

For most users in the system, they cannot delete expenses once they are submitted. With admin privileges, users can delete expenses from admin views of the system.  

If you’re an administrator and you need to delete an employee’s unsubmitted expenses, go to the user’s information page from MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST.


Select the staff member from the staff list and click on the EXPENSES tab within their details. Expenses that haven’t been submitted will be marked as "Unsubmitted” in the Status column. 


Click on the expense report name that you’d like to delete an expense detail from. This will display all the expenses within that report.


Admins can either click onto a specific row’s hyperlinked cost value to delete a specific expense or check off multiple expenses to bulk delete.


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