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Mark an Expense Code As Taxable

You can mark each expense code in BigTime as "taxable." That means, when an invoice is sub-totaled by expense code, then that line item will be automatically marked as “taxed.” 

Note: There are two invoice rate styles in BigTime: Single Invoice Rate (US) and Line Item Rate (Canada/UK/AUS). Line Item Rate means you can apply a different tax rate per line item. Single invoice rate means you check off the line item and apply one rate for the whole invoice (see: INVOICING...CONFIGURE...DEFAULTS in BigTime). This feature only applies to the Single Invoice Rate (US) style. 

This article will show you how to mark an expense code as taxable.

First, click MY COMPANY...FIELD VALUES from your navigation bar.


Then, click EXPENSE CODES.


Click on the EXPENSE CODE that you want to mark as taxable.


Scroll down on the right-side of the window, and you’ll see an option to mark an expense code “taxable.”


Check the top-most box next to THIS ITEM IS TAXABLE.

Remember to click SAVE to save your change.

Note: If a category (ie, expense code) is marked as “taxable,” then when subtotaling by Category that line item will be marked as “taxed.” This only applies to the Single Invoice Rate (US) style.

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