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Status Codes in BigTime

Status Codes is the name of a broad category in BigTime consisting of three smaller categories:

  • Project,
  • Project (billing), and
  • Staff member.

The values you add to each category will populate in picklists throughout BigTime.

Use Status Code values to add more detail about your projects and staffers. You can identify the standing, or status, of a project that’s in production and note it’s billing status. You can also identify the status of a staffer, say if a staffer is on sabbatical or on maternity leave.

This article will explain how to access Status Codes and describe its three categories. We’ll also provide links to detailed articles for each of the three categories discussed.


  • Create and edit Staff Member values to add more information on the Staff Dashboard.
  • Use Project and Project (Billing) values to add details on the Project Dashboard.
  • Customize values that are relevant to your firm. You can edit and add new values that are pertinent to your business.


Access Status Codes

To get to Status Codes, click MY COMPANY...FIELD VALUES.


Then, click STATUS CODES and you’ll see several categories to choose from.


About Status Codes

We’ll briefly describe three categories under Status Codes:

  • Project: refers to the standing, or status, or a project: whether it’s on hold or in process, for example.
  • Project (Billing): refers to the standing, or status, of a project during its billing cycle. This value can tell you whether a project is "active" and "in process," or "inactive" and on "hold."
  • Staff Member: describes the status of a staffer, such as maternity leave or sabbatical.
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