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Field Values: Credit Cards

Create credit cards values in BigTime so your staffers can create credit card expenses entries.

In this article, you’ll learn how to:

  • Add credit card values,
  • Link credit cards to QuickBooks,
  • Indicate which staffers have access to the credit cards, and
  • Apply a credit card when creating an expense entry.

Add Credit Card Values

We’ll show you where and how to add Credit Card values. During this process, you’ll find out how to link the credit card with QuickBooks and grant staffers access to credit cards.



2. Select FIELD VALUES…CREDIT CARDS in order to add credit card values. 


3. Click ADD NEW VALUE to add another value. Or click on an existing value to edit it.

To edit an existing value, just click on it and make your edits on the right-side of the window.

4. Add details about your new value on the right-side of the window.


Notice that you’ve got several options about the details you can add. Let’s explore your options:

  • Link a credit card to QuickBooks. Under the field labeled QUICKBOOKS LINK, click on the triangle and a picklist will appear. Select an option to link your credit card to QuickBooks. In order for this picklist to populate, you’ll first need to add credit card values in QuickBooks.
  • Indicate which staff have access to a credit card. Click on the red triangle and select staffers you want to give access to. After you save your changes, these staffers will have the option to select the credit card when they create an expense entry.

    To remove a staffer’s access to a credit card, simply click on the gray squares next to the staffer’s name.
  • Grant all staffers access to a credit card. Check the box next to ALLOW EVERYONE TO USE THIS CARD if you’d like all staffers to have access to apply expenses to the credit card. If the card is inactive, you can also check the box next to THIS CARD IS INACTIVE (NO LONGER USED).


    Click SAVE+NEW to save your work. Doing so will also allow you to add more values, if you wish.

Use the Credit Card Category in Bigtime

Now let’s put the values you created to use.

Staffers with access to a credit card can apply it when creating a new expense entry. Click TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES to add a new expense entry. Then, click +ADD EXPENSE. Now include details about the credit card expense.

Notice the boxes at the bottom of your window. In our example below, our staffer’s expense is non-reimbursable—the staffer won’t get money back for the expense.


Then, the staffer will click the hyperlink CLICK HERE TO SPECIFY A CREDIT CARD. Doing so will generate a new field at the top of the expense entry. Under the field labeledCREDIT CARDclick on the red triangle and you’ll see your credit card values.



Then, the staffer continues to add expense details and saves their work.

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