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Field Values: Team Role

Apply a Team Role value to identify the different positions on your team, such as creative director or production assistant. Then, when you assign staffers to a project, you can identify their specific role.

This article will explain how to create and/or edit team roles. We’ll also show you where you’ll use the Team Role field in BigTime.

Add Team Roles Values

First, we’ll show you where and how to add Team Role values.



2. Select FIELD VALUES…TEAM ROLE in order to add and edit Team Role values. 


3. Click ADD NEW VALUE to add another value. Or click on an existing value to edit it.


4. Add details about your new value on the right-side of the window.

To edit an existing value, just click on it and make your edits on the right-side of the window.

5. Click SAVE+NEW to save your work. Doing so will also allow you to add more values, if you wish.



Use the Team Role Category in Bigtime

Now let’s put the values you created to use. Here’s how:

1. Click MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST to access your list of projects.


2. Select a project from your list of projects on the left-side of the window.


3. Click the TEAM tab on the gray navigation bar.


4. Click the red triangle under PROJECT ROLE to select the Team Role value you previously created.

Note: Jason was already listed as a staff member when we entered this project. If no staffers are listed, you can click the hyperlink “add a team member,” which will generate a cell for you to add a staffer. Or you can click the hyperlink “copy team from another job,” which will copy staffers from one project to your current project. A new window will appear and you’ll select a project from the picklist that will be applied to the current project.


5. Click SAVE CHANGES to save your work.

Click here to learn about the other team-related details you can add.

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