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Viewing Submitted Expenses

Would you like to view an expense report immediately after you’ve submitted it? Are you interested in viewing a list of submitted expenses? BigTime allows easy access to expense history for both users and system administrators.

Viewing Your Expense History

1. Select TIME/EXPENSE...EXPENSES from the navigation menu to view your Expenses Dashboard.

2. Click on a specific expense report to view details. In the expenses area, you will see a list of all of your previously submitted expense reports as well as a link to any unsubmitted expenses. 

You Just Clicked Submit: Where Did Your Expenses Go?

Once you've submitted expenses, click the link at the top left side of your screen that says EXPENSE HISTORY to be taken to your Expenses Dashboard.


System Administrators Have Expense Viewing Options

If you’re a system administrator, you have the ability to view expenses submitted by all staff members. You also have several options for viewing submitted expenses.


Viewing Expenses From the Expenses Dashboard

1. Navigate to the Expenses Dashboard by clicking onTIME/EXPENSES...EXPENSES

2. Select an employee. Select the employee from the picklist on the right whose expense history you would like to view. 


Viewing Expenses From the Staff List

1. Click MY COMPANY...STAFF LIST to view your staff list.

2. Select an employee from the staff list. Click on an employee's name to expand that user’s profile.

3. Click EXPENSES. Select this tab to view that employee’s expense history.

4. Drill down for more detail. Click on a particular expense report in the "Expense Report" column to view expense details.


Viewing Expenses From the Project List

1. Navigate to the Project List by clicking MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST.

2. Select a project. Scroll through the Project List to make your selection.

3. Look for the tab with three ellipses. Click it, then select TIME/EXPENSE HISTORY from the drop-down options.

4. Drill down for more detail. From this area, you will be able to view expenses submitted against a specific project. Click the dollar value in the input column to display a deeper level of detail.


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